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Why drive an electric vehicle?

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Fuel up for less

Get a full charge for just $3 with PNM EV Rates. Electric rates for EVs will not fluctuate like gas prices.

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Lower cost of ownership

EVs typically cost less to fuel and maintain than their gas counterparts.

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The PNM electric grid is sourced from a variety of low-emissions sources rather than fossil fuels, so your EV becomes more environmentally friendly the longer you drive it.

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A variety of options that perform

EVs often outperform their gas counterparts in regard to price, speed, torque, and responsiveness, and 130 different models of EVs are expected to be available by 2024.

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Less hassle

Forego the gas station with at-home charging, or charge at one of the many convenient charging locations where you already shop, eat, and travel.

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PNM Electric Car Program Updates

PNM is committed to helping customers adopt EVs by providing incentives for charging infrastructure, offering EV-specific electricity rates, and customer outreach on the benefits of EVs.

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PNM rEV Program for Students

PNM and the National Energy Foundation are providing an electrifying educational experience for high school students to learn about the many benefits of driving electric.

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